Monday, July 11, 2011

Sergio Must Be Wrong?

Recently I saw some information in one of the golf magazines saying that Sergio (we all know who he is without saying his last name, right?) has switched from playing a 105 gram shaft in his driver to an 85 gram shaft. The information also noted that the length of his driver is 44 inches.

So I wondered why he would do something so different than the say golf club companies seem to want us to do with our drivers. I mean, does he not know that....

1. Drivers are supposed to be at least 45 to 45-1/2 inches long and maybe longer??

2. Driver shaft weights are supposed to be 65 grams, 55 grams, even down to 45 grams??

If my granddaughter, who is 2 years old, could understand golf clubfitting, she would say to me "Silly Gramps!" She would let me know that the vast majority of PGA tour players do not play the long drivers that are sold in stores. She would let me know that for a number of players heavier shafts feel better, swing better, and produce better results.

If all of the folks on the PGA tour could play longer drivers and control them they would. But they don't. Is there not a message there that is clear?

Recently I redid a driver for a female, cut her shaft length from 45 inches to 43 inches, put in a lightweight soft flex shaft - AND she is hitting the ball 15 yards longer and with more consistent results.

Maybe she talked with Sergio before she came to see me.....

The Fit Is IT!!


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