Monday, April 25, 2011

Seeing the Little (BIG!) Things

One of the valuable lessons I learned from my trip in March with Dana Upshaw was the importance of taking and analyzing swing videos during fittings. There are often some small and simple clues from video that can help make a fitting produce great results. This happened during a driver fitting this weekend, when seeing that the player was positioning the ball too far back in his stance, and then getting him to correct that, lead to - once he had the right club in his hands - substantial improvements in driver carry distance.

There is perhaps a more far reaching value from this however - and it is how important the FUNDAMENTALS of the golf swing are, and how easy it is to stray from these. I can remember reading that Jack Nicklaus would start each year by working with his teacher to almost "start over" - work on ball position, etc. as though he was just a beginner golfer. And most of us can remember seeing pictures of PGA pros warming up and putting sticks on the ground to work on alignment and other key fundamentals.

Working to engrain the most simple elements of the golf swing can pay big benefits!

The Fit Is IT!

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