Monday, March 7, 2011

A Great Start!!

This past weekend I met with a husband and wife - he is interested in perhaps a new 3 and 5 wood and she has never played and is interested in starting.

Helping new players get into the game is a lot of fun. Not having a lot of experiences with the best way to set up a set for new players (though I had some ideas that proved pretty close), I posted a question on the AGCP forum, and got some great suggestions from Keith Chatham from Texas. Most of the folks that Keith works with are female players and somewhat older folks, and he has lots of experience developing sets that can help players get the most fun from their golf.

So the approach that will be taken for this player is the following:

1. First, I built here a 6 iron - very soft flex, very light swingweight - that she can use to start hitting some golf balls and particularly to take some lessons (from Des Mahoney, my partner) so that she can get a good start with her swing.

2. Second, I found a good 15 degree driver option and 20 degree fairway wood option. These will be built with, again, lightweight shafts, soft flex, and light swinweight. Easy to swing.

3. Finally, based on help from Keith, I will build her some hybrid irons - 5, 7, 9, PW - and a 56 degree sand wedge - so that she has the basic clubs for her bag. Same thing - light swingweight and soft flex. If she decides she needs the clubs in between these, they can be built later. The option that Keith recommended is the Kent Sports RM-5 hybrid heads.

4. Finally, will fit her for a putter, which I believe will be in the 31 to 32 inch length when fitting complete. For this short length need heavier head and I found one that will work.

Success for this player will be for her to get a great start with golf, hit a number and hopefully lots of good shots, and keep playing!!


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