Monday, November 8, 2010

Your First Set Of Clubs - The Fit Is STILL It!!

You want to get your first set of golf clubs, and you have read that getting clubs that truly fit you are the best way to go.

But most likely you think - how can that matter for me when I am just starting?

Well, maybe just as much as for players who have well developed golf skills, the right starter set will be well worth the investment. Here are some aspects of a good starter set that can help you...

1. A driver that is the right length for you with enough loft to easily get the ball to carry well in the air.

2. A fairway also with lots of loft that will again be easy to hit and get good carry.

3. Perhaps one hybrid club as a substitute for a 4 iron.

4. A 5, 7, 9 iron and pitching wedge with "game improvement" characteristics that are forgiving to mishits.

5. A sand wedge with sufficient bounce to help you hit sand shots well.

6. A putter that is PERFECTLY fit for the right length and lie to make it easy for you to get the golf ball in the hole!

9 clubs to start - but built for you to help you to see good results at the start. And also to help you be able to get good instuction to develop a quality golf swing!


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