Monday, May 16, 2011

Miura Heads and KBS Shafts - A Great Marriage!

I am delighted that - this past week - I received approval to become a Miura Golf club head dealer. I have a number of clubfitting friends who carry Miura irons for their clients, and they all say that the feel and performance of these heads is as good as it gets. Anyone interested in seeing the obvious quality of these clubheads can look at them on this website:

At the same time, I am also carrying KBS steel shafts, which are available at various flexes and weights, both taper tip and parallel tip. KBS shafts have been the up and coming shaft on the PGA tour for quite a while. The full line of KBS shafts can be seen on this web site:

It was PRETTY exciting this weekend to learn that the winner of the Players Championship played Miura irons and KBS shafts! Here is a press release describing the Miura clubs that were played in the Players Championship:

This is a clear indication of the quality of both of these products, and I look forward to offering Miura heads combined with KBS and other quality shafts to my customers in the future. In about a week, I will have five of the available Miura heads and nearly the full line of KBS shafts available for testing in my iron fitting system.

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